Executive Office

Belmonte, Val | President & Chief Executive Officer

Belmonte, Michael | Director of School and Program Operations

Cascio, Leo | Chief Financial Officer & Director of Business Operations

Ennis, William | Human Resources Director

Oliveri, Frank | Senior Accountant

Ozog, Brian | Director of Program Strategy and Compliance, Staff In-House Counsel

Williams, Jenny | Program Advancement and Outreach Manager

Academic Management

Lee, Robert | Principal

Belmonte, Michael | Director of School and Program Operations

Faculty & Program Support Staff

Block, Michelle | Transition Teacher

Cohen, Aaron | Classroom Teacher

Duda, Smantha | Classroom Teacher

Hill, Rebecca | Classroom Teacher

Leaf, Daniel | Classroom Teacher

Maglieri, John | Adaptive PE Teacher

McCreary, Kaylee | Classroom Teacher

Sharp, Jessica | Classroom Teacher

Alesia, Joseph | Classroom Assistant

Altman, Brittany | Classroom Assistant

Alward, Karli | Classroom Assistant

Brucks, Dennis | Classroom Assistant

Doyle, Hallie | Classroom Assistant

Elliott, Andera Sigrid | Classroom Assistant

Folger, Ann | Classroom Assistant

Gomez, Hilda | Classroom Assistant

Hickey, Jaqueline | Classroom Assistant

Koehler, Nicole | Classroom Assistant

McNish, Breanna | Classroom Assistant

Michaels, Patricia | Classroom Assistant

Murrary, Leandera | Classroom Assistant

Nash, LaTongela | Classroom Assistant

O’Reilly, Jean | Classroom Assistant

Peterson, Robert | Classroom Assistant

Schneider, Morgan | Classroom Assistant

Spike, Brianna | Classroom Assistant

Carrara, Taylor | Program Assistant

Connelly, Ruth | Program Advancement and Outreach Coordinator

Related Professional Services

Blanco, Marvin | Behavior Interventionist

Fioravanti, Denise | School Nurse

Gatza, Ryan | Behavior Interventionist

Heinz, Joseph | Behavior Interventionist

Hill, Lauren | School Nurse

Hunt, Laura | Clinical and Training Director, School Psychologist

Lantman, Julie | Speech Therapist

Nelson, Harry | Occupational Therapist Consultant

Rosedale, Marea | Speech & Language Pathologist

Shaw, Karen | Occupational Therapist Assistant

Traub, Katheryn | Behavior Interventionist

Wawrzonkowski, Rich | Board-Certified Behavior Analyst

Yniguez, Valerie | Behavior Interventionist