Getting to School

The staff members at The Winston Knolls School at Hoffman Estates Campus work closely with school district representatives, drivers, and transportation assistants to ensure that students remain safe during transportation. We recognize that a student’s transportation can be a point of high anxiety for parents, as many of our students have limited verbal abilities. We work closely with drivers and bus assistants to ensure your child’s physical and emotional safety.

All students at The Winston Knolls School at Hoffman Estates Campus are provided transportation, as specified in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The home school district is responsible for transportation to and from The Winston Knolls School at Hoffman Estates Campus. The mode of transport and number of students in the vehicle are determined by the home school district. Transportation providers are required to conduct background checks and provide training for all drivers. The driver is not permitted to change pick-up or drop-off locations, times of pick-up, or students to be transported. Please do not hesitate to contact The Winston Knolls School at Hoffman Estates Campus if you have a concern about your child’s transportation.

It is important for students to feel just as safe during the transition to and from school as they do in our building. The time students spend in the cab or bus on the way to or from school is an extension of the school day and students are subject to the same school practices, policies, and expectations.

Daily Drop Off/Pick Up

All student drop-off and pick-ups take place at the student entrance in the rear (East side) of the building, during all official and parent arrival, dismissal / pickup times as well as throughout the day. Daily student arrival begins promptly at 8:50am; students may not enter the building before this time. Arrival ends approximately at 9:10am but in the event there is inclement weather, arrival staff will remain at the entrance until 9:20am.

Whether arriving at school by bus, cab, or with a parent, students must be released to an adult. A staff member from The Winston Knolls School at Hoffman Estates Campus will escort your child from their vehicle into the building. We have worked closely with the Hoffman Estates Police Department to ensure that all children and adults remain safe while leaving their vehicle and walking into the building.

Student dismissal begins at 2:50pm each day, except on Wednesdays when students are dismissed at 1:50pm. At the end of each day, a staff member will escort your child to the appropriate vehicle. We work with each of the drivers to make sure that before the vehicle leaves all students are appropriately buckled and/or harnessed.

Late Drop Off/Pick Up

For late arrivals after 9:10am or early pickups before 2:50pm (1:50pm on Wednesdays), please ring the doorbell at the student entrance (rear East Side) and a staff member will escort your child from/to the entrance

Parent Pick Up

Please be advised that The Winston Knolls School at Hoffman Estates Campus may only release students to parents and school district authorized transportation. Should you authorize an alternate trusted person to pick up your child from school, please contact the school office to provide the name of the person authorized to pick your child up. This person will be asked to provide proof of identification..