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Val Belmonte, Board, President / Secretary; Finance and Investment Committee

Ross Biank, Board, Chair; Finance and Investment Committee
(June 2018 - June 2021)

Kevin Dulin, Board, Treasurer; Finance and Investment Committee - Chair
(June 2017- June 2020)

Gloria Harper, Board, Vice-Chair
(June 2018- June 2021)

Steve Tober, Board, Director
(June 2018 - June 2021)

Dave VenHorst, Board, Director
(June 2018 - June 2021)

Leo Cascio, CFO; Finance and Investment Committee - Staff Liaison


Val Belmonte
President and Chief Executive Officer

Leo Cascio
Chief Financial Officer and Senior Director of Business Operations

Brian Ozog
Director of Program Strategy and Compliance
Staff In-House Counsel

William Ennis
Human Resources Director

Frank Oliveri
Senior Accountant

Michael Belmonte, M.A., LBS1
Senior Director of School and Program Operations

Jenny Williams
Program Advancement & Outreach Manager